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Man In The Box Episode
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So, you've all probably been wondering where I've been(not). Not really, considering I don't think anyone actually reads my journal. O___o;; that an I don't post much so there isn't much to be commented on and all. Anywho, instead of ranting on about that and forgetting what I was SUPPOSED to write about, I'll write what I was SUPPOSED to write about!

Okay...now that I've wrote an entire paragraph of worthless nothingness filler, I'll get to the point. I was off in the wonderful land of California for my fall break. We left at like....7:00 AM Friday morning and didn't get back until 2:30 PM today. It was an extremely tiring vacation, but it was loads of fun and I loved it lots.

Because I am extremely worn, I won't post a full-out explination of my trip until tommarow. It's 12:11 AM and i gotta get up at 6:15, if not earlier to get a shower in before school. So yes...just wanted to update and tell everyone why I've been gone.

Sorry to dissapoint, but I really need some rest. Further commentary, pictures, and loads of adventure-story tommarow ♥

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