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Where Did You Find Me?:

  • You Hate People Who Post A Lot.
  • You don't like DRUGS
  • You don't like long rants about Homosexual Rights, or Religion, and general things.
  • You DON'T like excessive talking about anime and Japanese Culture.
  • You're a Juggalo/Raver/Hippie/Otaku Hater. :(
  • OR You're generally close minded.

Man In The Box Episode
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From:rawr_edition (Link)
Date: July 6th, 2009 - 05:29 pm
Name: Traci~
Age: 23 --; *is old*
What? Where did I find you? Didn't you find me? :p Long ago! Over a fic you wrote. Which I still love. o.o; I dunno. xP But, yeah, we rp all the time! And I just made this newer journal (this one) for my rantings and ravings. :p I still use hirako_hiyori for other stuff. :p
Picture: O.o; what about a picture??
13 ; +comment