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Where Did You Find Me?:

  • You Hate People Who Post A Lot.
  • You don't like DRUGS
  • You don't like long rants about Homosexual Rights, or Religion, and general things.
  • You DON'T like excessive talking about anime and Japanese Culture.
  • You're a Juggalo/Raver/Hippie/Otaku Hater. :(
  • OR You're generally close minded.

Man In The Box Episode
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From:faded_memorii (Link)
Date: August 16th, 2009 - 08:37 am
Name: Traci...you know who I am!! Wow, I can't read this purple on this blue. Am I spelling okay? :p
Age: 23 -- *old~!*
Where did I find you? You found me! Well, kinda. I found you on fanfiction.net and commented to a fic you wrote and then you IMed me and then yeah...'member? We even talked last night and stuff!
Picture: ....I just gave you some! j/k :p

Sorry I keep switching, but I like this name a whole lot! Although, sorry in advance for my first post to my new LJ, 'cause it's like something you've probably already seen before. And so just ignore it completely and don't even look at it. Seriously! oo;
From:stonerstrawbery (Link)
Date: August 16th, 2009 - 03:21 pm
It's okay. XD I'm just gonna start deleting the old ones if you arent gonna use them anymore.
13 ; +comment